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Stamp collecting

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How to get started?

Discover what you need to start your own stamp collection.

To begin a stamp collection all you need are some stamps and an album in which to keep them.

There are many types of albums to choose from, but one of the most popular is a loose-leaf album. This type has separate sheets to help you to organise your album any way you want. It also allows you to add new sheets to your collection whenever you need to.

You can make your stamp album more interesting by adding information about the stamps, such as when and why they were issued, or the designers' names. Transparent stamp mounts or stamp hinges are the best way of storing your stamps without damaging them.

Never lick stamps to stick them in your album, and never use glue or stamp tape:
they will ruin the stamps!

You might also like to purchase a pair of stamp tweezers. They make it easier to put your stamps in the album and have blunt ends, so they will not damage your stamps.

A magnifying glass is the best way to really look at your stamps. They help you to see small details that you might not notice without them.

Your local Post Office has everything you need to start a stamp collection.

If you are interested in stamps and stamp collecting check out our online magazine, Stamp Explorer for information about stamp issues, coin releases and much more.