Tiger Snake Things that Sting

Stamp Collecting Month

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About Stamp Collecting Month

Learn about the theme for this year's stamp release.

October is Stamp Collecting Month and this year's exciting theme is "Things that Sting".

Australia has lots of insects and animals that sting or bite as a way to defend themselves from predators or harm. Some bites or stings can be fatal for humans. Others can be very painful, without causing serious damage. It is important to make sure that we are respectful of our country’s varied wildlife. We should learn to identify potentially dangerous creatures and take sensible precautions to protect ourselves, and them, from harm. This stamp issue features six creatures (insects, reptiles or fish) that can pack a painful punch if disturbed or threatened.

Stamp Collecting Month began in 1993 and is still going strong. Check out the list below for the great stamp issue themes we've had over the last 22 years!

  • 2014 Things that Sting
  • 2013 Australia’s Age of Dinosaurs
  • 2012 Australian Zoos
  • 2011 Mythical Creatures
  • 2010 Wildlife Caring
  • 2009 Let's Get Active
  • 2008 Megafauna
  • 2007 Blast Off! 50 Years in Space
  • 2006 Dangerous Australians
  • 2005 Down on the Farm
  • 2004 Cats and Dogs
  • 2003 Bugs and Butterflies
  • 2002 The Magic Rainforest
  • 2001 Wild Babies
  • 2000 Space
  • 1999 Small Pond
  • 1998 Planet Ocean
  • 1997 Pets
  • 1996 Creatures of the Night
  • 1995 The World Down Under
  • 1994 Zoos: Endangered Species
  • 1993 Australian Dinosaur Era